Online Bingo- Come And Play Bingo With Us From Your Home

Many of us would have played bingo as kids. Some of us would have tried to play bingo in bingo halls that are present to enjoy the game. Nowadays bingo could be played comfortably from home. There are many games that could be played easily online.

We, one of the online bingo providers are very much happy to introduce you to lot of bingo games. Before continuing with it, it is necessary for you to know about online bingos and how to play them wisely.

Registration Procedure:

An online bingo could be played for free or pay method. Whether it is a free or paid, you need to sign up with us, In case of the payment method, you will not be able to claim your prizes unless you specify a proper email id. Here is how you need to register.

You have registered and got the user name. What should you do next to start playing the game?

The page will prompt you to enter your personal details like name, age and email id. Make sure you enter the valid details.

Click the website link that will take you to our website.

Once the data are confirmed, you will be given a user name and password with which you have to login through our site. .

Prizes Offered:

When you are playing in free mode, you will not get any prizes. Try playing many times, until you get comfortable to play in the pay mode. The amount that you can win depends on the game and level you choose. Even in a single game, the amount that can be claimed varies. For example, a straight line bingo can win you an amount of $20bucks; if it is a complex pattern it can earn you more.

Symbols and Bingo:

A bingo card can hold normal numbers or signs. Similar to slots we also have special symbols in our bingo.

When you get numbers in the pattern you have to match the numbers. When you get signs to be matched in the pattern, you have to match accordingly.

The rule for the special symbols would be displayed on the screen. For example, a specific symbol can be used in place of any number or sign similar to the joker in cards. Similarly different symbols have different rules.

Similar to slots, you also have bonus games and jackpots here. Symbols also play an important role in achieving a jackpot and winning the particular game.

Along with pattern, you will have various conditions listed which could fetch you the jackpot. For example, when you get two joker symbols in a pattern you could win a certain amount of money as jackpot or you could get a bonus game for free.

Got the information about our online bingo? Why not try it? If you do not want to start with the pay method immediately, try playing our free games which would give you confidence in proceeding further. Do not delay. Many players win great amount each day. Who knows, you will also be one among them if you start today without delaying. You will have a great discount on your registration fee, if you join immediately. Offer exists only for certain period. Sign up with us to grab it immediately.

Login To Start Playing:

Login to the site with the given user name and password
  • The screen will have the card
  • List of players playing online
  • The number that is being called for
  • The previous number that was called
  • Chat room, to quickly have a chat with the other players

How to start the game?

Though everything is available online, you need to know how to play the game

Each player gets three cards which appears a tot board in the screen per game. The corner of the screen will have the pattern to be matched. The computer would call out for the number at random. The number would be displayed on the screen. The player has to daub the cards by clicking the specific number with the mouse. Once the player achieves the pattern, he has to click on the bingo button. Unless the player clicks on the bingo button, he cannot claim the prize.